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What is this website about

Hello, I'm Artur Śmiarowski, and I'm a professional web developer and a hobbyist game developer.

I started this blog to share my experience and knowledge that I accumulated over the years. My goal is to explain complex systems of game development in an easy to understand examples. I've become a programmer because of my love for games, but I stayed with it for the creative expression of ideas and joy of problem-solving.

Why mix web development with game development?

The first game that I released back in the day was named Annihilation, which was a text-based web MMORPG. I wrote it in PHP, without any framework or engine. Even today, when building multiplayer games, an API is developed on the server that the client is using. Frontend web technologies can be utilized to quickly produce games that don't require massive resources.

I firmly believe in picking the right tools for the job and Unity, Unreal or Godot might not always be the best choice for your game. I hope to save you some time, explaining what worked and what didn't during my journey of game making, but also inspire you to try different tools in your next project that might not be common in game development.

Currently, I'm working on Soulash, a fantasy roguelike game with survival elements where you play a character set on destroying the world. It's made with custom C++ engine created from scratch.

Enjoy your stay and follow me on twitter where I share my current development gifs!